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Corona Information

Public information from Trondheim Municipality and the government regarding the corona virus situation.

You can contact the municipality’s coronavirus information hotline on 90 50 90 52  if you are wondering about anything (open Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm, Saturday/Sunday: 1pm to 7pm). We bring in an interpreter if needed. This may take some time, but we will contact you as soon as possible. If you suspect that you or your family may be infected, contact your GP (fastlege). If you can't get in contact with your GP, you can contact Legevakt on 116 117, 24 hours a day. 

National information and advice

Facts, advice and measures

General coronavirus information and advice to the public.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Incubation and symptoms

Incubation time, symptoms and what you can do to prevent infection.


Quarantine and isolation

Everyone who has symptoms of a cold should stay home.


High risk groups

What precautions can you as part of a risk group take?


Events and activities

National measures to limit the transmission of the coronavirus.


Other languages

Coronavirus brochures and videos in several languages.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Corona related news articles from Trondheim Municipality

May 17 celebrations in Trondheim

The traditional May 17 parades in Trondheim have been cancelled due to the corona pandemic restrictions. Thanks to the May 17 Organizing Committee and their partners all over Trondheim there is an alternative, digital programme for the national day celebrations.

Published: 05.16.2020 Last update: 05.20.2020
Bilde av Camilla Trud Nereid på talerstolen i bystyresalen, Trondheim rådhus

Welcome back to school

On Monday, April 27th, grades 1 - 4 in the elementary schools of Trondheim Municipality will reopen. After several weeks of homeschooling, we guess many children are looking forward to see each other again.

Published: 04.24.2020 Last update: 04.27.2020
Children and school band marching in Trondheim on May 17 some years ago. Photo taken by Carl-Erik Eriksson.

May 17th parades cancelled

The May 17 committee in Trondheim has decided to cancel the traditional national day parade, based on corona pandemic restrictions.

Published: 04.22.2020 Last update: 05.04.2020
Illustration of sunshine-schools made by school children in Trondheim. caption: welcome back to school!

Post your questions on school opening

Many parents wonder what it will be like to send their children back in school.

Published: 04.22.2020 Last update: 04.22.2020
Illustrating photo of painting

Opening of kindergartens. Info in several languages

Many children look forward to the reopening of their kindergarten and to meet their friends again. But not all parents and daycare staff feel quite safe.

Published: 04.17.2020 Last update: 04.17.2020
Illustrasjonsbilde av barn som ser inn i en tom barnehage.

Kindergartens prepare to open again

According to the Norwegian government's decision, kindergartens will reopen on Monday 20 April.

Published: 04.15.2020 Last update: 05.04.2020

Corona hotline during Easter

Published: 04.03.2020 Last update: 04.03.2020

Outdoor sports facilities reopened

Published: 04.03.2020 Last update: 04.14.2020

No city bikes or scooter rentals during the pandemic

When spring arrives, so do city bikes. Last year rentable el-scooters also appeared in the city.

Published: 03.26.2020 Last update: 03.26.2020
Photo of the Town Hall

Measures against the Corona pandemics extended

The Norwegian government on Tuesday March 24 decided to extend all precautions to curb the corona virus pandemics. The same rules and regulations will apply for the municipality of Trondheim. The precautions will be extended until and including April 13.

Published: 03.24.2020 Last update: 03.24.2020
Illustration photo of girl looking out of the window

How to care for your mental and psychosocial health during the Corona pandemics

Here are some tips and advice on how to cope with stressful or difficult situations during the Corona pandemics.

Published: 03.24.2020 Last update: 03.24.2020

All public libraries are closed

Due to the Corona situation, all departments of Trondheim Public Library are now closed until Monday 30 March, or until further notice.

Published: 03.24.2020 Last update: 05.05.2020

All municipal football and sport facilities are closed

The municipality of Trondheim decided on March 23 to close temporarily all municipal football fields and other sports facilities, due to the corona situation.

Published: 03.24.2020 Last update: 03.24.2020

Marriage ceremonies cancelled

We regret to inform that marriages at the town hall are cancelled in the period up to and including May 1st.

Published: 03.18.2020 Last update: 03.18.2020
mikroskopbilde av koronavirus

National information from the Norwegian Directorate of Health

Published: 03.16.2020 Last update: 03.17.2020

Cancelling events and closing down facilities and arenas

In accordance with restrictions from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the municipality of Trondheim has decided to cancel or close down the following

Published: 03.13.2020 Last update: 03.15.2020

Activities at schools and kindergartens halted

Trondheim municipality cancels all ordinary activities at schools and kindergartens from Thursday 12 March at 6 p.m., including thursday March 26 at midnight, or until further notice.

Published: 03.13.2020 Last update: 03.15.2020

How to protect against coronavirus

We can all do a lot to reduce the risk of being infected or spreading the virus.

Published: 03.04.2020 Last update: 03.28.2020
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