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How to care for your mental and psychosocial health during the Corona pandemics

Here are some tips and advice on how to cope with stressful or difficult situations during the Corona pandemics.

Sist oppdatert: 23.07.2021

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Mental Health

Maintain / expand your network and social ties

Connecting with others is good for you. With a situation of quarantine and layoffs, it is important to keep in touch with your social contacts. If you are missing a social network, try establish ties to other people, through social media groups, for instance.

Be active

An active life is good for us all, but for the time being it might be difficult to be active in the same way as before. Information on different activities can be found on several internet sites, but at the moment we regret not being able to provide specific local information on this in English. We will do our best to publish and update such information as soon as possible.

Be aware...

...of your own feelings and thoughts. This may be of help both now and during more ordinary daily situations. You should pay attention to what you feel and think.

You may also be aware of how the media reporting affects you. It is natural to feel the turmoil and fear of what is going on now, and to worry about the future. If you worry a lot, it can turn into a bad situation. One suggestion is to spend a little time each day worrying. For example, try to postpone your worries until 5 pm. At 5 pm, you worry for 30 minutes. If you have concerns after 17.30, then postpone these worries to the next day at 5 pm.

Keep learning

Learning new things brings joy and pride. There are a lot of opportunities to learn new things, such as a reading books and watching do-it-yourself videos on Youtube.

Give to others

Join up with the national “dugnad”, a norwegian word meaning voluntary work or co-creation which includes everybody. In the current situation you can easily join the “dugnad” in two important ways:

Prevent or postpone catching the virus and prevent or postpone transmitting it to others.

In the meantime, you may contribute to our common society through voluntary work. You can get in touch with voluntary organizations through one of Trondheim’s 13 “Frivilligsentraler”, Here you can find your local Frivilligsentral: Trondheims frivilligsentraler and information on their activities (in Norwegian).

It is a good idea to balance your daily life, for instance through keeping your ordinary routines. Sufficient sleep, healthy meals and physical activity are important.

The World Health organisation (WHO) has issued information on mental and psychosocial health related to the corona virus outbreak.

Stressed relationships, alcohol or drug addiction, violence

Balancing family and working life when schools, kindergartens and workplaces are closed can be hard. For families in vulnerable situations, due to mental or physical illness, alcohol / drug problems or high level of conflict, the situation can be particularly difficult. We know that in stressful and uncertain times, frustration and anger can build up.

In case of emergency assistance: contact the police, emergency room and GP.

If you experience high levels of conflict, violence or alcohol / drug problems in the family, please contact emergency services:

The Police, The Crisis Center (shelter for people in distress) in Trondheim, tel 73 52 34 20, Drug and alcoholics addiction line (Rustelefonen) 91 50 85 88 or Violence and assault line, tel 116 006.

The municipality of Trondheim offers dialogue services to people experiencing violence in close relationships.

Having trouble controlling anger?

Trondheim Municipality has created an emergency telephone for people having difficulties in handling anger and aggression in connection with the corona eruption. The line is open for advice and guidance weekdays between 9 am - 3 pm. Phone 47 70 88 88.

For tips and advice in connection with the corona pandemic, see the Norwegian Centre for violence and traumatic stress studies.

National information on the Corona pandemic.

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