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Kindergartens prepare to open again

According to the Norwegian government's decision, kindergartens will reopen on Monday 20 April.

Illustrasjonsbilde av barn som ser inn i en tom barnehage.
The kindergartens in Trondheim will open again on Monday 20 April. Extensive work is under way to make everything ready, both for the children, their parents and the staff.

Extensive preparations are going on in to make all kindergartens ready to accommodate the children. Everyday life in the kindergartens will be different,but good. All precautions will be taken to make it safe and secure, according to infection control.

Good cooperation between the parents and staff is very important in this work. The parents or guardians can give good advice and input, both locally through the user committees in every kindergarten, and centrally through the municipal parents' committee for kindergartens.

In addition, the municipality's administrative management is keeping in touch with the union representatives and safety deputies to ensure that the reopening process, including the work situation for the employees, will be the best possible.

Preparation details

All employees in the municipal kindergartens must take a special course in infection prevention before the kindergartens will be opened. This course is also offered to the private kindergartens in Trondheim. The kindergarten unit leaders are finalizing the preparations during week 16 (April 13 to 19).

The national kindergarten guidelines will be published on April 16. Parents and employees will be briefed on the guidelines during week 16.   

Increased risk of infection?

It is natural for some people to feel unsafe and afraid of being infected when kindergartens open again. Young children play closely together, and tailor-made guidelines for kindergartens are therefore needed.

It is both right and justifiable to open up kindergartens. We know that few people are confirmed  infected in Trondheim now, and there is therefore little reason to believe that Covid-19 infection is widespread in our city. Kindergartens and schools have mostly been closed for a month, and will be cleaned thoroughly before opening. It is important to adhere to infection control measures and follow advice not to attend kindergarten in case of respiratory symptoms.

Risk groups

Still, some people are at risk, both among the children, parents / guardians, and among employees. People at risk should not attend kindergarten until further notice. For those of you who think you may be at risk, please consult your physician.

The parents of children who may be at risk must clarify with their physician what guidelines applies.

Parents / parents who may be at risk should seek advice from their physician on how to act.

The municipality of Trondheim is now actively working with the national health authorities to clarify details in the guidelines applying to staff in kindergartens, concerning whom may be in risk groups and should not go to work. Such a clarification will come before the kindergartens open.

Although kindergartens are now reopening, there is good reason to remind that those who have mild respiratory symptoms (colds, sore throats, coughs) and are feeling sick - whether children, parents, guardians or employees - should not attend kindergarten until they are symptom free.

Much will be clarified during week 16, so that kindergartens will be well-equipped to open their doors again starting Monday, April 20th. The municipality is awaiting further information from the national authorities. 

Ask the experts

As part of the preparations to reopen kindergartens, the municipality's management and health experts will answer questions from parents and guardians with children in kindergartens in a live broadcast on Thursday, April 16 at 10.00. Please send your questions on beforehand by email.

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