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Outdoor sports facilities reopened

Bilde av Trondheim Stadion

TRONDHEIM STADION ØYA is one of the sports facilities which are now reopened.

The municipality of Trondheim reopened its outdoor sports facilities on april 2, in line with the national health authorities' advice. Strict rules still apply. A maximum of five people can train together, keeping at least two meters distance to each other.

The re-opening does not apply to indoor facilities, including wardrobes.

Trondheim municipality maintains the importance for everyone to adhere to the guidelines from the Directorrate of Public Health. Guidelines for use will be put up at each facility.

- Indoor facilities will not be opened yet. In a normal situation, these are ordinarily closed during the Easter week. We will consider the possible consequences of opening sports halls before making a decision. The national sports association's and local sports clubs' own assessments are also important, says Ola By Rise, director of culture, business and sports in the municipality of Trondheim.

Municipal guards will supervise the use of outdoor facilities. The guards will address any gatherings of people at the facilities, referring to the health authorities' advice. Ola By Rise asks parents to look after their own children's activities at the facilities, and ensure that they adhere to the guidelines.

- The current situation requires everyone to look after and take care of each other - especially our children.

On a large football field, it will be possible to divide the pitch, to be used by four to five groups simultanously.

The municipality of Trondheim keeps in touch with the sports communities on the new guidelines. When it comes to facilities not belonging to the municipality it is up to the sports federations and teams themselves to make decisions about possible reopening and use.

Reopened sports facilities (some are plowed, some not)

  • Trondheim friidrettstadion, Øya

  • Dalgård Friidrettsstadion 

  • Lade kunstgress stor bane, merket 2 x 9-er-baner 

  • Lade bane 4 11-er

  • Eberg kunstgress 11-er 

  • Dalgård kunstgress 11-er 

  • Byåsen skole 7-er

  • Spongdal skole 7-er

These neighbourhood facilities are open

  • Bergheim/Nedre Steinan balløkke, nærmiljøbane

  • Jarlebanen, nærmiljøbane

  • Bukkene Bruse, nærmiljøbane

  • Moltmyra, nærmiljøbane

  • Finalebanen, nærmiljøbane

  • Municipal discgolf facilities  

The following will be decided on after being assessed by the sports communities 

  • Sørborgen kunstgress 11-er i Klæbu 

  • Municipal padel- and tennis courts

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