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Post your questions on school opening

Many parents wonder what it will be like to send their children back in school.

Illustration of sunshine-schools made by school children in Trondheim. caption: welcome back to school!
Welcome back to school!

Therefore, experts from the municipality will respond to questions in a live broadcast on Thursday, April 23rd.

The answering panel includes the director of upbringing and education, the chief municipal education officer, a psychology specialist, a municipal consultant and a principal.

Please feel free to email your questions on beforehand to: redaksjon.kontortjenesten@trondheim.kommune.no
by wednesday evening. Some of the questions will be posted in our live broadcast on Thursday, April 23 at 10:30. https://trondheim.kommunetv.no/

The broadcast will be in Norwegian. Questions will be translated into English and a few other languages, available on our website during Friday 24.

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