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Quarantine stays at hotels

As of 26 December 2020, new quarantine hotels will be established in Trondheim municipality for visitors from abroad.

Sist oppdatert: 13.09.2021

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In this article can you get new information about quarantine hotels in Trøndelag.

Stjørdal municipality established on 9 November on behalf of the County Governor of Trøndelag a joint quarantine hotel for the whole of Trøndelag to limit import infection. This scheme is now being expanded with hotels in Trondheim where Trondheim municipality is the contractor.

In Trøndelag, the following hotels function as quarantine hotels:

  • Scandic Hell, Stjørdal
  • Quality Augustin, Trondheim
  • Clarion Hotel, Trondheim
  • Comfort Hotel Park, Trondheim

Travellers via Trondheim Airport Værnes who are to be in the hotel quarantine must contact the information desk for quarantine hotels in the arrival hall. Further information on hotel choices will be provided to the traveller there.

Changes in the rules on quarantine hotels

The government amends the covid-19 regulations on quarantine hotels from 13 December. The most important change is that persons who have a different purpose for the stay than work or assignments, and can document that they have another suitable place of residence for the quarantine, must not use quarantine hotels.

Changes in the rules on quarantine hotels (regjeringen.no)

Self-declaration form for persons who are to be in the entry quarantine (regjeringen.no)

Travel quarantine

You must be in the travel quarantine for 10 days if you arrive in Norway from a red country. When you have a quarantine obligation, you must complete the quarantine period of 10 days even if you take a test and it is negative.

Read more about the travel quarantine at helsenorge.no

Questions and answers about entering Norway (regjeringen.no)

The police

It is the police in border control who assess the conditions for entry into Norway and inform them about the obligation to stay in quarantine hotels. The police must be notified if the traveller does not show up at the assigned hotel.

It is not up to the individual traveller to book a room at the quarantine hotel under these conditions. This scheme only applies to visitors who have been informed by the border control that they will be in the hotel quarantine.

What is quarantine hotel?

The county governor of Trøndelag has made a short info movie that explains what quarantine hotels are, who is going there and the purpose.

Watch the movie here


The municipality will offer testing during the quarantine stay.

Violation of quarantine obligation

In the event of a breach of the quarantine obligation observed, the police will be contacted and will consider any criminal prosecution.


Information from the Norwegian Directorate of Health (in several languages) to travellers arriving in Norway (covid-19)

Information letter for arrivals and business travellers to Norway (regjeringen.no)

Questions and answers about entering Norway (regjeringen.no)

Covid-19 regulations - requirements for quarantine (lovdata.no)

Contact person / project manager for corona hotel


Per Ketil Riisem, per-ketil.riisem@trondheim.kommune.no, phone 91 67 23 07


Kristin Moe, kristin.moe@stjordal.kommune.no, phone 91 60 33 99

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