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New corona rules - applicable from 20th January 2021

In this article you can read about the local corona regulations in Trondheim that apply as of 20th January 2021, the national injunctions and general advice and recommendations to limit COVID19 infections. These rules were last updated after the Trondheim presidency's meeting on 20th January 2021.

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This document was last updated after the presidency's meeting on January 5th 2021.

Local regulations in Trondheim

These local regulations as of 20th January 2021 applies in Trondheim, currently until and including 3rd February 2021. There are limitations on customers in stores and shopping centers so that customers can keep a physical distance of one meter at any time.

The number of customers must be limited based on the size of the premises so that it is possible to keep a physical distance of one meter at all times. If necessary, security shall be carried out to ensure that the requirement is complied with. 

  • Use of face masks on public transport. 

  • Use of face masks in taxis and register all customers in taxis.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport and in a taxi. This also applies to indoors at station areas. In taxis, all customers must be registered with name and telephone number. 

  • Use of face masks at hairdressers, skin care, tattoo and piercing services etc.

There is also mandatory use of face masks at hairdressers, skin care salons, tattoo and piercing services, etc. This applies to both employees and customers. Customers can remove the face mask when needed to perform the treatment.

  • Use of face masks in shops and shopping centers, in restaurants, in religious and philosophical houses and in premises for cultural, fitness, sports and leisure activities.

The use of face masks does not apply during the practice of sports or cultural activity. Children under the age of 12 and persons who for health or other reasons cannot wear face masks are exempt from the order.

When picking up and dropping off kindergartens, it is recommended to use a face mask. It is a good idea for the adults to talk to children about why we use these, and that face masks can be removed if it makes some children unsafe. Otherwise, the municipality encourages kindergartens to facilitate pick-up and drop-off outdoors where this is possible. 

  • Limit social contacts beyond one's own household/ work/ school/ kindergarten. 

In Trondheim, there is an injunction that everyone must limit social contacts beyond their own household / work / school / kindergarten. Social contacts in addition to one's own household and contacts in work situations shall be limited to 10 per week. By 10 social contacts means contacts in total for all household members in addition to contacts in kindergarten, school and work. These regulations therefore apply in addition to the government's orders and recommendations on social contacts. 

  • It is a requirement of a distance of 2 meters between participants during physical activity at gyms, physical institutes etc.

Home office 

The previous requirement regarding home office has been lifted. As of Wednesday 20th January 2021, the presidency in Trondheim decided to request that the citizens make use of home office as far as this is appropriate and possible for the nature of the work.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs etc

  • Registration of all customers

Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs etc in Trondheim may remain open if the premises meet the requirements for proper operation of restaurants that comply with the COVID19 regulations. All restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs etc must register every individual customer upon arrival. Trondheim municipality may close the premises that do not comply with the requirements for infection control, proper operation and the requirements in this provision. A national stop of serving alcohol has been introduced from 22:00 at all restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, etc. This applies from the time the regulations are formally announced. The national stop of serving alcohol is valid until midnight as of Friday 22nd January 2021.

Sports activities

Restrictions on children and young people's opportunities to engage in sports and leisure activities have been removed. Recommendations for leisure, culture and sports activities are continuously updated in line with the infection risk situation and are used as a basis for carrying out the activities. 

Here you will find the guide for sports in Trondheim (in Norwegian).


Here you will find the guide for culture in Trondheim (in Norwegian).


  • New regulations open up to a maximum of ten people in the audience at indoor sports events. If there are fixed seats, it is possible for 200 people in the audience. 

  • New regulations open up to a maximum of 200 people at outdoor events. If there are fixed outdoor seats, it is possible for 600 people in the audience.

Yellow level in primary school and in kindergartens 

Primary schools and kindergartens are still operating at a yellow level, but are under continuous assessment based on the current infection situation. It is assessed at each individual unit whether it is needed to reduce the opening hours in the kindergartens. If there is a need for reduced opening hours due to reduced staffing situation, quarantine, etc., information about this is sent out from the individual kindergarten. 

Junior high schools/ middle school/ lower secondary school back at yellow level 

Junior high schools/ middle school/ lower secondary school in Trondheim were at the red level until 18th January 2021. All Junior high schools/ middle school/ lower secondary school (grades 1-10) are now operating at a yellow level.

Upper secondary schools/ high schools also return to yellow level

The municipality of Trondheim has decided to lower the level of measures in all upper secondary schools in the municipality to the yellow level. This is due to the government's change in the level of measures that was released Monday 18th January 2021 and after an assessment of the local risk of infection in Trondheim. The municipality of Trondheim has requested the county municipality and all private owners of upper secondary schools to operate the schools at yellow level as soon as possible and no later than Monday 25th January 2021. 

Here you can read more about what yellow and red levels mean for kindergartens and schools (in Norwegian).

Trondheim municipality's collection page about the corona situation (in English).

National injunctions for Norway as of 18th January 2021

In addition to the local regulations for Trondheim, the government has introduced national injunctions which apply to the whole country.

Most private gatherings and events should be postponed or canceled. If they still have to be held, the following rules apply:

  • A maximum of ten people at private gatherings outside their own home, such as a birthday party in rented premises. If the private gathering is outdoors, the limit is 20 people.

  • A maximum of ten people at indoor sports events, cultural events, seminars, philosophical gatherings, ceremonies, etc., andl 200 people where everyone in the audience is seated in fixed seats. At funerals, there can be up to 50 people, even if the seats are not fixed.

  • Maximum 200 people at outdoor events, and 600 people where everyone in the audience is seated in fixed seats.

  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health will be commissioned to assess whether the requirement for permanently mounted seats to have up to 200 or 600 participants in events should be replaced by other requirements, such as requirements for allocated permanent seats.

The national ban on serving alcohol has now been lifted. The government has decided that from midnight on Friday 22nd January 2021 alcohol can be served until 24:00, but guests can not be admitted into the premises after 22:00.

In Trondheim, a ban on serving alcohol has been introduced at 22:00. This decision thus limits the national injunction on serving until midnight.

National recommendations from 18th January 2021 

The government's recommendations to not have guests at private homes is now lifted. This means that we can again have up to five guests in addition to those who already live together, but all should still limit social contact, the government writes on its website.

Social contact 

Regarding social contact, the government recommends the following: Everyone should limit social contact as much as possible. It is encouraged to meet each other outdoors, and not have more than 5 guests in your home in addition to those who already live together. If all the guests come from the same household, you can have more than 5 guests, but you must keep a minimum of 1 meter physical distance. Children in kindergartens and primary schools can have visits from their own cohort. In addition, there are local regulations on limited social contact in Trondheim that are described earlier in this article. You can read more about the government's new measures that came on Monday 18th January 2021 here (på eng?).


The government does not recommend traveling at home and abroad, unless it is necessary. Travel to a place of study can still be considered a necessary trip, while travel to attend events is in principle not considered a necessary trip. Travel to your cabin/ cottage in Norway, with people you live with, are still not advised against, and the local and national rules apply. The municipalities in the Trondheim region have also sent out local recommendations which, among other things, deal with travel between the municipalities.

More about these recommendations here (in English).

Restrictions on travel between municipalities (in Norwegian).

Quarantine Hotel 

All persons who can document that they have a suitable place of residence for the duration of quarantine can use this instead of a quarantine hotel. This applies as of 20th January 2021, while it was previously the case that those who had a purpose other than work or assignments had to use quarantine hotels. You must be in the travel quarantine for 10 days upon arrival to Norway from a red country. Travelers arriving in Norway from abroad can leave the quarantine after day seven at the earliest if they test negative for COVID19 twice after arrival. The first test must be taken within three days upon arrival, the second no earlier than seven days after arrival. 

Further information regarding quarantine regulations.

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