Leave of Absence and Termination

Leave of absence from daycare
Leave of absence cannot be granted before the child has started attending a kindergarten. Applications for leave of absence are to be submitted to the kindergarten concerned by the first day of the month, at least one month in advance.  Leave of absence from daycare with exemption from payment may be granted as long as someone else can use your place in the meantime.
Application form

Termination of a place in a municipal kindergarten
(See also the statutes for private kindergartens)
Termination of a place in daycare must be handed in in written form with one month’s notice, counted from the first or fifteenth of the month. Exception: in the period between April 1st and June 1st the termination notice must be sent two months in advance.

The monthly kindergarten fee and daily meal fee is to be paid up until the day of termination. The same rules of termination apply to those who have accepted an offer of a place in kindergarten, but change their mind and still do not make use of their place.

The municipality can also terminate your place in a kindergarten with one month’s notice from the first or fifteenth of the month. The Head of a kindergarten may send you a termination notice if he/she finds out that the place has been assigned on the basis of incorrect information given by the parents in the application form, if you refuse to pay the monthly fees or if your child has too much undocumented absence.

If you wish to terminate a place in kindergarten, use "Id-porten"