Admissions and Application Deadlines

A kindergarten application is only valid through the calendar year it is sent in. Those who have applied last year without being assigned a place, need to apply again the following year.




Transfer admission

    February 1st

Applies only to children who already have a place by 1st February

Main admission

     March 1st

Applies to children who, according to the Kindergarten Act section 12a have a right to a place in a daycare center, but have not been assigned one yet. The application must be sent by March  1st and the desired start date can be no later than August the same year.

The Kindergarten Act section 12a states: "Children who turn one year by the end of August the year they apply for a place in a daycare facility, have the right to be assigned one from August, according to this Act and its regulations.”

Supplemental admission

      No deadline

Ongoing admission

For more information, contact the Early Childhood and Education Office:

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