About Kindergarten Admissions

All daycare facilities in Trondheim have a coordinated admission process.

Full kindergarten coverage

The Kindergarten Act section 12a states: "Children who turn one year by the end of August the year they apply for a place in a daycare facility, have the right to be assigned one from August, according to this Act and its regulations.”

The Municipality of Trondheim has full kindergarten coverage by definition.


Whether you apply for a place in a municipal, private or family daycare facility, you will have to fill out an online application form.

You can prioritize two units/kindergartens in your application. Some units may consist of several kindergartens, however, you cannot prioritize individual kindergartens within a larger unit. Once you send an application to a unit, you apply for a place in all individual kindergartens it consists of.

Private and family daycare facilities may have their own admission criteria and their own target group. It is therefore recommended that you check the statutes of the kindergarten(s) you are applying to in order to ensure that you match their admission criteria and target group.

All applicants receive a written confirmation from the Education Office either by e-mail or mail stating that the application is received and recorded. We do not send a confirmation of any changes you may make in your application.

Allocation of places

It is the Education Office that allocates places in municipal and family daycare facilities. Private kindergartens allocate places themselves. The Education Office or the individual kindergartens cannot answer questions about whether you are likely to be assigned a place in a specific kindergarten or how long it will take until there are places available, since this also depends on how many termination notices we receive.

The Municipality of Trondheim makes an effort to meet parents’ needs and requests concerning the allocation of a place in kindergarten. However, this is not always possible due to the demand (for places) being greater than the supply. It is therefore likely that applicants will be assigned a place that is neither their primary nor secondary choice, and is not even in their district. In such cases, applicants are assigned a place in a daycare facility in their part of town, near their primary/secondary choice.

Sending out offers

Municipal and family daycare facilities
Offers of places in kindergarten are sent by email as long as an email address is specified in the application. Parents can decline offers via "Id-porten".  Parents, who accept the offer, print out the reply form and return it to the Education Office signed. You are expected to answer within 5 days. In case of a lack of response, the offer is sent to someone else.

Private kindergartens
Offers of places in private kindergartens are sent by mail. Responses to these offers are to be sent directly to the kindergarten(s) in question.

Deleting applications

A kindergarten application is valid through the calendar year it is sent in. Applications are deleted at the end of the year.


For more information contact the Early Childhood and Education Office:

Phone +47 979 96 100