Fee Reduction in Kindergarten and School Day Care (SFO)

We have different types of fee reduction schemes:


Application forms

Application form if you have children in kindergarten

Application form if you have children in school day care (SFO)

Rules and regulations

The rules governing the fee reduction for siblings have been adopted by the City Council and are regulated through the Regulations for parental payment in day care.

1. Fee reduction for siblings

The City Council has adopted new rules for fee reduction for siblings. As of 1 August 2016 there is no longer a fee reduction for siblings in school day care (SFO).

A family with more than one child enrolled in a day-care centre will be granted a 30% fee reduction for child no. 2, and a 50% fee reduction for child no. 3 and any more siblings.

The fee reduction for siblings will be granted for the least expensive place.

The fee reduction covers siblings who are permanent members of the same household. Children are considered to be permanent residents at the address they are registered under in the population register.

  • The fee reduction will be automatically calculated by our computer system.
  • If the parents have agreed upon two places of residence for the child, the child shall be seen as a permanent resident at both addresses/with both parents. An application with the necessary documentation (cohabiting agreement, minimum 40%) must be submitted. Applications are to be sent to the Early Development and Education Office.
  • A reduction is not granted for the meals fee.

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2.  Fee reduction based on financial grounds - kindergarten

 Applications for reduced payment are processed pursuant to the national rules for income-regulated parental payment and free core time.

No parents shall pay more than six per cent of the family’s income, limited up to the maximum fee ceiling for a place in day care. Families with no taxable income shall not pay for the place in day care. Day-care centres may also charge a meals fee. See the day-care centre’s by-laws for information on fees.

Since 1 August 2015 a national programme has been in place for free core time (20 hours) for four- and five-year olds from families with low incomes. This also applies to children with a deferred school start. As of 1 August 2016, this programme will be expanded to also include three-year-olds.

  • You may apply for reduced payment in day care if the family has a total income lower than NOK 500 500. You must attach a copy of last year's tax returns.
  • You may submit other documentation of income or apply during the year if there is a significant and lasting change in the income situation.
  • You may apply for free core time if the family has a total income that is lower than NOK 450 000. You must attach a copy of last year's tax returns to your application.
  • You must apply to the local authority in the municipality where the child is registered in the population register.
  • The basis for the decision is the family's combined total taxable capital and personal income. This also applies to partners/cohabitants, regardless of who has parental responsibility.
  • The decision is in force for one day-care centre year. A new application must therefore be submitted each year.
  • If you are granted reduced payment for financial reasons, you cannot be granted a fee reduction for a sibling(s).
  • You must pay the day-care fee until the application has been processed and a decision on reduced payment has been made.
  • When you are granted a reduction in payment, this will start from the month that follows the submission of the application.

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 3. Fee reduction on financial grounds - School Day Care (SFO)

 You can apply for reduced payment on financial grounds. The full fee must be paid until your application has been approved. The decision will be made according to an assessment of the family’s finances. Documented information about the family’s total income and expenses must be attached to the application. This also applies to cohabitants, regardless of parental responsibility. The application will be assessed according to the social welfare service’s subsistence rates.

  • The necessary documentation about your total income and expenses must be attached to your application.
  • The documentation cannot be more than three months old.
  • The reduction in payment will be granted from the month the Early Development and Education Office receives your application and complete documentation.
  • The regular fee must be paid until your application for reduced payment has been approved.
  • A reduction is not granted for the meals fee.

Income means:  Gross pay, cash allowance for childcare, pension, social security benefits (except basic and additional benefits and education benefits). Income from self-employment, care benefits, child maintenance, housing allowance, grants/birth benefits and social-assistance benefits.

Expenses mean: Rent, municipal fees, housing loans (documentation of payment plan), electrical power and heating expenses, taxes, child maintenance, expenses for other child care. Documented study expenses (semester/exam fee) when grants/study loans have been granted. A deduction for housing expenses is granted – up to NOK 9650 per month. For deductions for living expenses the social welfare service’s rates are used based on the size of the family.

The family surplus or payment ability is the difference between documented income and expenses. The fee is stipulated at 85 per cent of the family’s ability to meet their financial obligations.

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 4. Fee reduction for children with special needs

The right to a reduction in the parental payment has been terminated as of 1 August 2016.

Children who have already been granted the right to a reduction will maintain this as long as the decision they have received is valid.

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4. Reduction due to deferred school start

Children who have been granted a deferred school start will be granted a fee reduction for 20 hours a week of day care.

Application form

Other support schemes

You can apply to NAV [the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration] for support that can provide assistance to you as a single mother or father by paying for childminding so that you can work, apply for work or attend a studies programme.

Support for childminding

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