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Information for persons tested for covid-19

Information for you who have been tested for the coronavirus (covid-19) at the test station in Trondheim.

What happens next?

You are now about to take the test to see if you have been infected with the coronavirus (covid-19).

Where can I find my test results?

You will find the result of the test at helsenorge.no by logging in with your Bank-ID. The results will be posted as soon as the test has been analysed and registered by the laboratory.

If you have problems finding the result at helsenorge.no, or if you have any questions about the result or your health, contact your regular GP by telephone.

What do I do after I have booked a test?

As a general rule you must stay home from the time the test has been booked until you have received the result. You may not go to work or school, take public transportation or visit public areas, and you must maintain appropriate distance from all others than your closest family.

In case of a positive test result

If your test is positive, you will be contacted by Smittevernkontoret (the Infection Control Office) for further information and assistance.

In case of a negative test result

If your test is negative and you already are in quarantine after a trip abroad or due to close contact with persons with covid-19, you must still complete the isolation period.

This applies to the following persons:

  • any travellers from countries or areas without exemption from the obligation to remain in quarantine, and who must stay in isolation for ten days after returning to Norway, see https://www.fhi.no/nettpub/coronavirus/fakta/reiserad-knyttet-til-nytt-koronavirus-coronavirus to keep informed about countries with a quarantine exemption.
  • all close contacts must remain in quarantine for ten days after the last exposure to the infection.
  • members of the household of people infected with covid-19 must remain in quarantine for 15 days after the person who is ill was last isolated.

The time in quarantine may be shortened if a test taken seven days after arrival in Norway/test of the infected person you have been in contact with is negative. For members of the household of a person with covid-19, the time in quarantine may be shortened if a test taken on day 12 after the date the infected person had symptoms is negative (or test date).

If you are not in quarantine and have been tested due to symptoms of respiratory infection, you must remain at home. Maintain distance and practise thorough hygiene to avoid infecting those you are living with. This is also important for preventing other types of respiratory infection. You may go back to work, kindergarten or school when you feel up to it and your test result is negative.

If you have been tested because you may have been exposed to infection, but are not in quarantine and do not have symptoms, you may live as you normally do. It is nevertheless vital that you maintain appropriate distance to others. If you experience symptoms, you must stay home and book a new test.

For health personnel

Follow the procedures in place at your place of work. Special procedures (self-declaration form) apply to health personnel who have arrived from abroad.

What are close contacts?

”Close contacts” refers to people who have had close contact with a person who has been confirmed to be ill with the covid-19 virus from 48 hours before the person had the first symptoms (when there are no symptoms from 48 hours before taking the test) and until the person is out of isolation.

Updated 26 May 2021 Eli-Anne Skaug.

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