Coronavirus test

Coronavirus test

Information about coronavirus testing and how to pick up or book a test. You no longer need to report a positive corona test.

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There is no longer any requirement to stay in quarantine or isolation if you have the coronavirus, but you should keep in mind how to best avoid infecting others. Be considerate of others.

Here you can pick up a free test

Leüthenhaven testing centre at Erling Skakkes gate 40. You can pick up test equipment for yourself or your family.

Opening hours Leüthenhaven test centre

  • Mondays - Fridays 08.15-15.15
  • Saturdays - Sundays: Closed

The test centre is also closed on all holidays.

Which tests do we offer?

Rapid antigen test (self-test)

The test is taken as a self-test at home. You do not need to book an appointment in advance to pick up a self-test. You can pick up test equipment for more members of your family.

A rapid test that you take at home as a self-test will not be registered by Helsenorge.

This is how you take a self test

Saliva test (PCR self-test)

A PCR saliva test is picked up from and delivered to the Leüthenhaven test centre.

You do not need to book an appointment in advance to pick up a self-test. You can pick up test equipment for yourself and more family members.

The test is taken as a self-test at home. Saliva tests must be delivered to the test centre as quickly as possible. If you cannot deliver the test right away it must be kept in the fridge. The test result will be registered by Helsenorge.

The saliva test is equal to the swab test of your throat and nose.

This is how you take a saliva test

Trondheim municipality and St. Olavs hospital is carrying out a project which involves testing a saliva sample for influenza and the RS virus in addition to the coronavirus. You may therefore be asked to take a swab test in addition to the saliva test. The test result will be posted on the Helsenorge site. Participation is voluntary.

Who is recommended to be tested?

There is no longer a national recommendation to be tested if you feel you have coronavirus symptoms, but the local authority continues to offer this opportunity if you would like to be tested. Tests can be picked up from the municipal test centre.

What do I do if the rapid test is positive?

Positive self-tests no longer need to be registered on the municipal website.

You may want to confirm the rapid test with a PCR test. This in particular applies to those who have not been vaccinated, have been partly vaccinated or have basic vaccination without a booster dose and who need a corona certificate.

People with three vaccine doses will have a valid corona certificate, and for this group a confirmation test will not affect the status of the corona certificate. However, be aware that the certificate may be required for entry into some countries to show that one has recently been infected.

Testing before travelling abroad

We receive many questions about testing from people intending to travel abroad. Trondheim local authority offers testing where the result is posted on the Helsenorge website and which can thus be used for travelling, but we cannot offer to print out confirmation of negative tests or guarantee that you will receive the test result before departure. If you need this you must contact a private health service. Overview of private health services offering corona tests and fit-to-fly certificates:

  • Din Reisevaksine - tel. 93 45 77 81
  • Aleris - tel. 73 87 20 00
  • Dr. Dropin - tel. 24 07 77 01
  • Coperio - tel. 95 52 09 67
  • Trondheim Private Legekontor - tel. 94 19 24 32
  • Kry (Trondheim Airport Værnes) - tel. 37 41 80 79

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