All daycare facilities in Trondheim have a coordinated admission process.

You will find everything related to places in kindergarten, admissions and applications here.

 Apply for a place in kindergarten

Have you made an application on behalf of your child for a position at a kindergarten?

  • If so, a position for your child will be offered to you via e-mail
  • You must respond to the offer via the ID portal

The ID Portal

When using the ID portal, you can choose to log in using MinID, BankID, Buypass or Commfides.

Through the ID portal, you can:

  • Register an application for a position at a kindergarten
  • Make changes to an application
  • Delete an application
  • Accept or refuse an offer of a position for your child
  • Apply for a change to your child’s hours at a centre
  • Submit a notice of termination of your child’s position at a kindergarten
  • Change information relating to your family
  • Change contact information

 The ID portal also applies to the after-school programme (ASP).

All applications from 2016 were deleted 31st December. Anyone who would like to have a place in kindergarten must reapply in 2016.

It is important to be familiar with the rules for admission and the application deadlines, before one applies for a place in a daycare facility.

The deadline for transfer admissions is 1st February.
The deadline for main admissions is 1st March.

You will have to submit a Health declaration form about your child when it starts attending kindergarten.

Feel free to contact the Education Office for details.
Phone: 979 96 100 

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