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Trondheim Crisis Centre’s employees are very competent and have much experience in meeting people who are, or who have been, subjected to violence by persons close to them.

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The Municipality of Trondheim is the host municipality for the inter-municipal crisis centre offering for Klæbu, Malvik, Melhus, Midtre Gauldal and Trondheim.

All the inhabitants of these municipalities receive their crisis centre offering through Trondheim Crisis Centre.

The provision of the crisis centre offering is pursuant to the Act of 2010 relating to municipal crisis centre services (the Crisis Centre Act). We also utilise the Professional Guide for Municipalities on the Crisis Centre Offering, provided by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir).

Trondheim Crisis Centre operates in affiliation with the Crisis Centre Secretariat, which has as its goal to fortify the activities of crisis centres outwardly.

The Regional Resource Centre for Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevention (RVTS) works closely together with Trondheim Crisis Centre in connection with professional development and capacity building.

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