Health and care services

Health and care services

The Municipality covers a big range of what rights you have to medical care. You can read more about what services the Municipality provides at

Out-of-hours medical service

When your GP is unavailable and you are unable to wait

All municipalities in Norway have a 24-hour medical service for patients who need immediate assistance.

Contact information

Phone number: 116 117
Phone number: 73 96 95 80 if you are in another municipality or abroad.

Questions regarding invoice / journal printout / complaints weekdays at. 08.30-15.00: 90 74 96 93/91 67 27 44

E-mail address:

(We do not have the capacity to answer medical questions by email.)


Parking is done either in the parking garage of the Øya health hospital or in the hospital's designated places, follow signs.

Trondheim parking is responsible for parking spaces and fines.

About out-of-hours medical service

“Legevakta” in Norwegian is a 24-hour medical service for the residents of Trondheim in the event of a recent illness or injury that is perceived to be so severe that it cannot wait until your GP is open.

After 15.30 working days and all day during the weekends and holidays, Legevakta in Trondheim also serves the municipalities Malvik, Melhus and Midtre Gauldal.

In most cases, it is your GP that you should consult first. The GP is the one who knows you best and therefore the one who has the best conditions to give you a comprehensive and good treatment.

Call us if you are unsure and want advice on your condition.

Call first

We ask you to contact us by phone before contacting the Medical Guard. You will then have a meeting time based on how serious the inquiry is.

If immediate help is needed, you should still call 113.

Regular general practitioner

Every resident in Trondheim Municipality is entitled to be assigned a general practitioner (GP). This means that they are entitled to be on a GP's list. You should contact your GP when you have a medical problem which needs to be assessed by a doctor.

Your GP is responsible for ensuring that the patients on their list are examined, diagnosed and treated as necessary. Your GP will assess whether you need specialist treatment at a hospital or by other medical specialists or a physiotherapist. GPs will also prescribe medicines and certify sick leave for their patients

Mental health care

We all have a mental health, which includes how we feel and what we think of ourselves and our environment. Our mental health will naturally fluctuate throughout life. If you struggle with mild anxiety, depression, insomnia, or have concerns about increased alcohol or substance use, there are many steps you can take on your own to relieve the problem. View the headlines reading Information and online self-help and Rask psykisk helsehjelp for more information.

If your struggles with the topics above are severe, long lasting and seriously affecting your quality of life, look to this* site for more information and contact info. If you need help to reduce or stop alcohol or substance use, this* site will provide you with more information and contact information. Your GP/fastlege can also refer you to specialized treatment if necessary.

* These webpages are only available in Norwegian.

Information and online self-help
Rask psykisk helsehjelp (Prompt mental health care)

Rask psykisk helsehjelp - prompt mental health care - is an easily accessible short-term mental health service for recently emerged mild to moderate mental health problems (such as depression, anxiety and insomnia). You do not need a referral from a doctor.

More information

Health and welfare office

What are we doing?

The Health and Welfare Offices are responsible for managing municipal health and care services and municipal housing for persons over the age of 18. This means that we accept inquiries and applications, consider your need for services and make decisions.

Some of the information we ask for is registered to a specific standard and sent to a central registry called the Municipal Patient and User Register (CPR).

If you are going to receive services at home, we will work with you to determine if there are conditions in your home that are important to the work environment of your employees.

Advice and guidance

We also provide general information, advice and guidance on health care services, voluntary offers and support to relatives. You can also get financial advice and guidance and how to get yourself a home.

Coordinates services

The Health and Welfare Offices are a coordinating unit for adults. This means that we have the overall responsibility to coordinate the services of those in need of long-term and coordinated services.

Contact information

Health and welfare office Falkenborg in Norwegian

Health and welfare office Lerkendal in Norwegian

There are two health and welfare offices: Lerkendal and Falkenborg. The Falkenborg Health and Welfare Office is for you who live in Midtbyen or Østbyen district. Lerkendal Health and Welfare Office is for you who live in Heimdal or Lerkendal district.

If you are not sure which district you belong to, use find my district (in Norwegian).

You can contact the Health and Welfare Offices by phone, letter or email. You should not email health or other sensitive information. You can also meet with us, but we recommend that you schedule an appointment first so you don't have to wait unnecessarily.

The services you can apply for

Here are some of the services you can apply to the Health and Welfare Office:

  • Activity offers and support contact
  • Home help
  • Healthcare
  • Institutions and housing offers
  • Individual plan and coordinator
  • Support for relatives
  • Transport services
  • Special education and other counseling

Health and welfare center/nursing home and nursing services at home

The treatment offered in nursing homes

For those who need regular supervision or 24/7 support, it may be appropriate to stay at one of our health and welfare centers. Here are several alternatives: Nursing home, care home or book collective. Some health and welfare centers offer special offers to, among other things, older immigrants, younger people with dementia, people with mental disorders, mentally retarded and deafblind people.

Who is entitled to help at home?

To be absolutely sure of your rights, contact your Health and Welfare Office

  • People who are totally dependent on help and unable to cope with daily life
  • People who are totally dependent on help with parts of daily life
  • People who are wholly or partly dependent on help with daily activities and who live with others who are healthy. This also applies to children who need significantly more assistance and care than is usual for peers.
  • People who should physically be able to perform the practical tasks, but who are unable to do so for other reasons.
How to apply for help at home

Contact the health and welfare office in your district to apply for services in the municipality. If you are not sure which district you belong to, you can search the map of the districts.

The Health and Welfare Office receives inquiries and applications, assesses the need for services you have and makes decisions about services. You can also contact us for advice and guidance on health care services, voluntary offers and support to relatives.


Opening hours and contact information for the Vaccination office

Monday - Friday: 08.15-11.45 and 12.25-15.00
Tuesday: 08.15-11.45 and 13.30-15.00
Phone: 72 54 08 50
E-mail address:

Information on The Child Immunisation Program from the Public Health Institute

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