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Information about the child health care center service, during the Corona outbreak

The Directorate of Health has laid down guidelines for health station operations during the Corona outbreak. We will follow up on pregnant women, the youngest children, childhood vaccines and those with special needs. It is very important that we vaccinate during the Coronaoutbreak, in order to prevent other diseases from flaring up.

The health station should be a safe place to come and we have a great focus on hygiene and will keep some distance where possible. We have planned the operation so that there are not many people in the waiting room.

If children or parents have symptoms of a cold, also mild symptoms, do not attend the appointment. Contact us by phone or mail.

No siblings should be present at the health station.

Everyone who does NOT have to meet at the appointment will be notified of this, by SMS or Digipost. If you have not heard anything from us, you should still come to the appointment.

Follow your health center website and the Trondheim health care center Facebook page for ongoing information.

If you have questions about your pregnancy or your child, send an email to your health station, mark the email to midwife or public health nurse. These are answered continuously.

For questions about Corona, contact the Trondheim Municipality coronavirus hotline on 905 09 052


If you are pregnant and live in the Municipality of Trondheim, you can receive follow-up by your doctor or a midwife, or a combination of these, during pregnancy.
Each district in the Municipality has its own midwife center, and you can find these at the following health care centers in the districts:

Nidarvoll Health Care Center (Lerkendal district)

Sentrum Health Care Center (Midtown district)

Saupstad Health Care Center (Heimdal district)

BFT Østbyen Health Care Center (Østbyen district)


Child health care center for children 0-5 years

Once you have given birth or adopted a child, the public health care center service will contact you and arrange a time for home visits. The contact is established on the basis of a routine notification of birth from the birth clinic to the health care center. Newly relocated families are encouraged to contact a health station in their district.

Child Health Centres are a service which is provided for children aged 0–5 and their parents. The core staff consists of a midwife, public health nurse, doctor and physiotherapist. When necessary, the Maternal and Child Health Centres also work with municipal psychologists, preschool staff, family therapists, the child welfare service, the coordinating unit and the pedagogical psychological service (PPT).

The Maternal and Child Health Centres see children of all ages from birth upwards and monitor the child's physical and psychological development. 

Support and guidance are provided in the following areas:

  • Child motor and psychosocial development
  • Breastfeeding
  • Vaccination
  • Nutrition
  • Language development
  • Dental health
  • The role of parent
  • Cohabiting
  • Interaction
  • Violence, abuse and neglect
Schedule of Well-Child Visits
  • The first week visit / home visit
  • 4 weeks old
  • 6 weeks old
  • 3 months old
  • 4 months old
  • 5 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 8 months old
  • 10 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 18 months old
  • 2 years old 
  • 4 years old



Midwives provide breastfeeding information during pregnancy. In case of previous negative breastfeeding experience, a breastfeeding plan can be prepared in collaboration with parents and the midwife/public health nurse in the next pregnancy.

After birth, all public health nurses can assist you with breastfeeding problems. Your public health nurse can refer you to a city-wide offering if needed, where public health nurses, lactation consultans/IBCLC will offer extended help with breastfeeding.

Information about breastfeeding from UNICEF

Parental Guidance

Advice and guidance can be provided by various services in the Child and Family Services, such as health station, Educational psychology services, family support or child welfare.

  • The health care center can be contacted directly for advice and guidance.
  • Family support is a department that provides services after referral from kindergarten or health nurse, if additional guidance is needed. Parents can also contact directly. The department offer individual and group-based guidance, according to parents' needs. They also have expertise in various parental guidance programs such as COS, DuÅ, Marte Meo, ICDP, PMTO.
  • Some kindergartens offer ICDP parent guidance groups, as well as provide individual advice and guidance. The kindergarten can refer to the Child and Family Services if needed.
  • The child welfare service assists families in major challenges.
Useful information brochures on caring for infants and young children


The health station offers the vaccines that are part of the child vaccination program. The vaccines are put in conjunction with the established health surveys.

Childhood Immunisation Programme.

Contact the vaccination office for vaccines that are not included in the Childhood immunisation program.

Vaccination office

Opening hours and contact information for the Vaccination office:

Monday - Friday: 08.15-11.45 and 12.25-15.00

Tuesday: 08.15-11.45 and 13.30-15.00

Phone: 72 54 08 50

E-mail address: vaksinasjon.postmottak@trondheim.kommune.no

Information on The Child Vaccination Program from the Public Health Institute

 Health care centers in Trondheim

Last update: 04.06.2020

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