Mpox (monkeypox)

Mpox (monkeypox)

illustration of a shoulder with a magnifying glass showing mpox.
Who can get the Mpox vaccine?

A vaccine that can provide protection against Mpox, is now approved. Currently, there is  limited access to the vaccine. The vaccine is therefore only offered to people with a particularly high risk of infection and to close contacts of people with Mpox.

For people who have previously been vaccinated with smallpox vaccine and who can document it, one dose is sufficient. People who have undergone Mpox should not have the vaccine.

Preventive vaccination for people with a particularly high risk of infection

Priority Group 1: Contact St Olavs Hospital.

  • Men or trans people who have sex with men, and who are HIV positive or are on HIV PrEP
  • Men or trans people who sell sex to men

Priority Group 2 and 3: Contact the Vaccination and Infection Control Office, Trondheim municipality.

  • Men or trans people who have sex with men, and who have risky behaviour (with multiple or new sexpartners)
  • Helthcare- and laboratory personnel who are particularly exposed to infection in their work
Book a vaccination appointment

Call the Vaccination and Infection Control Office on 72 54 08 50 to book an appointment.

You must not attend vaccination if you are ill, have a fever above 38 degrees or other signs of an infectious disease.

If you are ill or unable to attend your appointment, cancel the appointment by calling 72 54 08 50.

If you have challenges (mental or physical) and need to be facilitated, please let us know when you book your appointment. We will make arrangements for you in the best possible way.

How much does the vaccine cost?

The monkeypox vaccine itself, Imvanex, is free, but you must pay NOK 240 per dose to get the vaccine. The vaccination consists of 2 doses at least 4 weeks apart.

Practical information

 Bring an identification with your portrait. This could be, for example, a passport, national ID card, driver's license or bank card with a photo.

After you have been vaccinated, you must be observed for 20 minutes. If you have previously had a severe allergic reaction, you must be observed for 60 minutes.

Where does the vaccination take place?

The vaccination takes place at Statens Hus Prinsens gate 1A, with entrance from Erling Skakkes gate 25.

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