Programme in English

Programme in English

Everyone is welcome to take part in the traditional celebrations held on our national day. One of the main attractions is the children’s parade at 09:45. The first children's parade, arranged by the Norwegian author and Nobel laureate Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, was held in Oslo on 17 May 1870. The first civic parade was held in Trondheim much earlier, however, on 17 May 1826. It was arranged by Matthias Conrad Peterson who was the editor of the daily newspaper Adresseavisen and the director of the Bank of Norway.

Children's drawing of Norwegian flag



  • Music in the city streets School and Amateur marching bands


  • Music at St Olav’s Hospital Music 
    Ila Brass Band 
    Wreath-laying: Nidaros Cathedral churchyard (Domkirkegården) 
    Prime Minister Ivar Lykke 
    Eidsvoll representative from Kragerø: Christian Hersleb Horneman 
    Eidsvoll representative from Vest-Agder: Gabriel Jochumsen Lund


  • Wreath-laying: Eidsvold representatives' memorial at Nidaros Cathedral churchyard 
    Nidarholm Marching Band 
    Singsaker Songlag (Choir) 
    Speech by Merethe Baustad Ranum


  • Wreath-laying at Nidaros Cathedral churchyard: At the memorial for those who fell during the war 
    Nidarholm Marching Band 
    Singsaker songlag (Choir) 
    Speech by Hilde Gunn Slottemo


  • Hoisting and saluting the flag at Kristiansten fortress 
    Norwegian Airforce Band
  • Wreath-laying: At the memorial for athletes who fell in the war – at Elgeseter bro/ Elgeseter bridge 
    Ila Brass Band 
    Speech by Kari Hovin Kjølle
  • Wreath-laying: At the memorial for Soviet citizens 1940-1945. Lademoen cemetary
  • Wreath-laying: Vår Frue kirke/The Church of Our Lady 
    Member of Parliament Ingelbrecht Knudssøn
  • Music on the coastal express (Hurtigruten) 
    Byåsen Marching Band


  • Matins in Nidaros Cathedral 
    Torstein Amundsen, Parish Priest of Nidaros Cathedral 
    Cantor Petra Bjørkhaug 
    Harmoniens Choir 
    Conductor Anne Kleivset
  • Wreath-laying: At Tordenskiold's Statue at Vår Frue kirke/The Church of Our Lady 
    Bispehaugen Youth Marching Band 
    Trondhjem’s Student Choir 
    Speech by Lieutenant Commander Lars Andreas Rognan
  • Wreath-laying: At King Haakon VII's memorial in Prinsens gate 
    Ila Brass Band 
    Speech by Major Tormod Overland, Head of the Defense Museum Rustkammeret


  • Wreath-laying: at the British war grave Stavne churchyard 
    Jernbanens Musikkorps/Railway Workers’ Marching Band Trondheim 
    Speech by Markus Gabrielsen, Cadet at Air Force Academy


  • Wreath-laying: Monument for Navy servicemen at the Naval Museum (Sjøfartsmuseet) on Kjøpmannsgata 
    Singsaker Songlag (Choir) 
    Speech by: Gunnar Krabseth
  • Wreath-laying: At Ila Park and the memorial of the first civic parade in Norway 
    Students from Ila School


  • Parade from the coastal express quay to Nidaros Cathedral 
    Byåsen Marching Band
  • Wreath-laying: At King Olav V's statue in Stiftsgårdsparken/Royal Residence Park 
    Bispehaugen Veteran's Marching Band 
    Speech/wreath-laying by Maeda Norozi og Daniel Mwandha,  pupils at Brundalen School
  • Wreath-laying: At the statue of Prime Minister Nygaardsvold at Cicignons Square 
    Strindheim Marching Band 
    Speech/wreath-laying by Marie Lauvås


  • Wreath-laying: at the memorial of Cissi Klein at Museumsplass/Museum Square 
    Railway Worker's Marching Band 
    Speech by Maeda Norozi og Daniel Mwandha, students at Birralee International School


  • Wreath-laying: at Klæbu Church 
    Speech by Alf Steinar Tømmervold 
    Klæbu Marching Band
    Male choir of Klæbu 


  • Schools’ Flag Parade 
    Route for the parade: Bispegata, Munkegata, Dronningens gate, Nordre gate, Thomas Angells gate, Søndre gate, Kongens gate, Kjøpmannsgata. Competition for the best school in the parade. Award ceremony.

Schools' Flag Parade details (pdf)

Where to meet (pdf)


  • Parade at Klæbu


  • Church Service in Nidaros Cathedral 
    Torstein Amundsen, Parish Priest of Nidaros Cathedral, Cantor Petra Bjørkhaug Nidaros domkor and Nidarosdomens Oratorio Choir, conducted by Cantor Karen Haugom Olsen 


  • Assembly for the Civic Parade  
    Sports associations, martial arts and motor clubs start at Kongsgårdsplassen. 
    Students and student organizations in Pilegrimsleden from Marinen towards Bispeboligen (the Bishop's Residence). Choir, dance groups and other clubs and associations in Bispegata from Rådhuset towards Kjøpmannsgata   The Katedralskolen yard is not used.

    Associations with anniversaries may apply for a place at the front of the parade. Deadline: 2nd of May - please contact the parade committee.  
    Link to Apply form Competition for the best presentation – Award ceremony. 
    Reserved places for wheelchairs and disabled in Munkegata outside Stiftsgården.


  • Cannon Salute from Kristiansten fortress 
    Joint singing the national anthem of Norway 
    Norwegian Airforce Band 
    Trondhjems Student Choir 
    Trondhjem’s Female Student Choir
  • Civic Parade 
    Parade route: Bispegata, Munkegata, Erling Skakkes gate, Kjøpmannsgata, Kongens gate, Søndre gate, Thomas Angells gate, Dronningens gate, Munkegata – to Public Assembly at Town Square


  • Public Assembly at Town Square 
    The meeting will be opened by the chairperson of the municipal committee of May 17 - Sissel Trønsdal 
    Speech by Selma Mogstad Leraand
    Speech for HM The King by scout Sondre Maroni Stavik, Kattem Speidergruppe   
    Nidarholm Marching Band 
    Male choir 
    All speeches will be sign language interpreted and write interpreted.


  • Russetoget 
    Upper Secondary School Graduating Students' Parade from Kongsgårdsplassen 
    Parade route: Bispegata - Munkegata - Erling Skakkes gate - Kjøpmannsgata - Kongens gate - Søndre gate - Thomas Angells gate - Dronningens gate - Munkegata - to the Town Square 



  • Concert at Tordenskiolds park 
    Trondhjem’s Female Student Choir


  • Concert at Klæbu Healthcare Centre 
    Klæbu Men’s Choir


  • Concert at Søbstad Community Hospital 
    Flatåsen Marching Band


  • Nordre gate/ Dronningens gate - sing along 
    Bispehaugen Veterans' Marching Band


  • Concert at the choir stand at Town square 
    Trondhjems Student Choir


  • Concert at Søbstad Community Hospital 
    Heimdal Marching Band


  • Laugsand Healthcare Centre 
    Trondheim Brassband


  • E. C. Dahl’s Healthcare Centre 
    Bispehaugen Youth Marching Band
  • Kystad Healthcare Centre 
    Byåsen Marching Band
  • Lademoen park 
    Trondheim Brassband
  • Risvollan Healthcare Centre 
    Utleira School Marching band
  • St. Olav's University Hospital – woman/children center 
    Ila Brass Band
  • Trondhjems Hospital 
    Jernbanens Musikkorps/Railway Workers’ Marching Band


  • Bakklandet Healthcare Centre 
    Strindheim Marching Band
  • Ranheim Healthcare Centre 
    Ranheim Marching Band
  • Sør-Trøndelag Psychiatric Hospital, Østmarka 
    Strinda Youth Marching Band


  • Havsteinekra Healthcare Centre 
    Byåsen Marching Band
  • Moholt og Bromstad Healthcare Centre, Moholt branch 
    Berg and Singsaker Veteran Marching band
  • St. Olavs Hospital - Knowledge Centre 
    Ila Brass Band


  • Ilevollen Healthcare Centre 
    Railway Workers' Marching Band  


  • Brundalen Healthcare Centre 
    Tillerblæsen / Marching Band
  • Nidarvoll Community Hospital 
    Nidarvoll School Marching Band
  • Persaunet Healtcare Centre 
    Strindheim School marching band
  • Tempe Healtcare Centre 
    Nidarvoll Youth Marching band 
  • Zion Healthcare Centre 
    Trondheim Brassband


  • Havstein Healthcare Centre 
    Byåsen Marching Band


  • Dragvoll Healthcare Centre 
    Strindheim Marching Band
  • Ladesletta Healthcare Centre 
    Strinda Youth Marching Band
  • Ilsvika Healthcare Centre 
    Bispehaugen Youth Marching Band
  • Risvollan Healthcare Centre  
    Jonsvatnet Brassband


  • Birkehaug senior Citizens' Centre, Lade 
    Lade school Marching Band


  • Charlottenlund Healthcare Centre 
    Tillerblæsen / Marching Band
  • Hjorten Healthcare Centre 
    Jernbanens Musikkorps/Railway Workers' Marching Band
  • Moholt og Bromstad Healthcare Centre, Bromstad branch
    Strindheim school marching band
  • Valentinlyst Healthcare Centre 
    Berg and Singsaker Veteran Marching Band


  • Munkvoll Healthcare Centre 
    Byåsen Marching Band


  • Øya Community Hospital 
    Railway Worker's Marching Band


  • Concert in The Church of Our Lady 
    Midtnorsk Symphony Orchestra under the leadership of Tormod Knapp
    Soloist on violin: Eirik Skogmo
    Music by Johan Halvorsen, Johan Svendsen and Sverre Jordan, in addition to Griegs piano concerto i A-minor, soloist on piano: Håkon Magnar Skogstad   
    Free entrance, there will be an opportunity to make a contribution to the orchestra at a collection or at Vipps 
    Concert at Byneset and Nypantunet Healthcare Centre  
    Byneset Leinstrand School Marching Band 

17th May Municipal Organization Committee


  • Sissel Trønsdal

Deputy chairperson

  • Nina Westad


  • Terje Roel
  • Kristian Skinderhaug
  • Camilla Perron
  • Bente Aina Ingebrigtsen
  • Arne Ivar Denstad
  • Hanne Moe Reitan
  • Jomar Aftret

Youth City Council

  • Sigurd Arctander Dingsøyr
  • Malea Berre

KFG - parents representative

  • Marius Hegglund

Immigrant Group

  • Thomas Ngari Wanjohi 

Representatives NMF

  • Oluf Johansen
  • Terje Olsen


  • Charlotte Larsen

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